Film Locations

The filming of "After Ike" spanned 16 months and took place in more than a hundred different locations across twelve states and the District of Columbia. A cinema drone was utilized in over fifty of these locations. Additionally, the historic films capturing the military convoy's journey in 1919 were shot in more than 40 locations.


Reston Interview


FWD Seagrave Museum, Clintonville Interview + Drone

District of Columbia

Washington DC, Camp Meige Historic Footage

Washington DC, White House Historic Footage

Washington DC Interview



South Seton, Toms Creek Drone

Rocky Ridge, Loys Station Covered Bridge Drone

Gaithersburg Drone


Gettysburg Drone


Juniata River Covered Bridge Historic Footage

Between Chambersburg

and Bedford Historic Footage

Orrtanna Drone

St. Thomas Drone

Pittsburg Interview


East Palestine Historic Footage

Lisbon Drone


Canton Interview


Mifflin Drone

Crestline Drone

Bucyrus Drone

Upper Sandusky Drone

Middle Point, Van Del Drive-In Drone

Van Wert Interview


Johnny Appleseed's Grave, Fort Wayne

Pierceton Drone

Elkhart Drone + Historic Footage


Dyer, Ostermann Memorial


Joliet, Rt.66/Lincoln Highway

Rochelle, Gas Station

East of Franklin Grove Historic Footage

Franklin Grove Interview + Drone

Nachusa Grasslands Drone

Sterling, Lincoln Memorial

Near Fulton Historic Footage

Fulton Drone


Clinton. Mississippi River Drone + Historic Footage

DeWitt, LH/Blues Highway (Rt. 61)

Cedar Rapids Drone

Belle Plain, Preston's Corner Gas Station

Tama, Lincoln Highway Bridge Drone

Colo, Reed/Niland's Corner Cafe

Nevada, Lincoln Memorial


Lincoln Jefferson Highways Heritage Park

Jefferson (Court House)

Dow City Drone

Dunlap - "Living Done Right"


Blair, Missouri River Drone

Cotterell Township near North Bend Drone

Omaha, Old Lincoln Highway Drone

Omaha, Sapp Brothers

Boys Town

Fremont Drone

Old Lincoln Highway Drone

Rogers, Platte River Drone

Between Omaha and Columbus Historic Footage

Columbus, Glur's Tavern

Grand Island, Seedling Mile

West of Lexington Historic Footage

Shelton Interview + Drone

Overton, Restored Lincoln Highway Bridge

Gothenburg, Sod House Drone

Gothenburg, Pony Express Station

West of Gothenburg Historic Footage

Sutherland, Frontier Gas Station

Ogallala Drone

Pilgrim California Hill Drone

Big Springs Historic Footage

Big Springs, Phelps Hotel

Sidney, Pole Creek -

Pony Express Station Marker

West of North Platte Historic Footage

Kimball Interview + Drone


Pine Bluffs, Defunct Gas Station

Pine Bluffs, Our Lady of Peace Shrine

Pine Bluffs, Pete's Service Gas Station

Cheyenne, Interstate 80 app Brothers Drone

West of Cheyenne Historic Footage

Laramie Drone

Laramie, Wyoming Territorial Prison

Laramie, T-Rex

East of Laramie Historic Footage

Continental Divide Historic Footage

Buford, Ames Monument Historic Footage

West of Rawlins Historic Footage

West of Tipton Station Historic Footage

East of Rock Springs Historic Footage

West of Tipton Station Historic Footage

Ft. Bridger Historic Footage

West of Evanston Historic Footage


West of Morgan Historic Footage

East of Ogden Historic Footage

Salt Lake Drone

Salt Lake Desert Historic Footage

Salt Lake City, Great Salt Lake State Park

Syracuse, Antelope Island State Park

Corinne, Spiral Jetty Road

Dugway, Fisher Pass Drone

Orr's Ranch Drone + Historic Footage

Granite Point Historic Footage

Black Point Historic Footage

Lake Servier Drone


Delta Drone

Baker Drone

Great Basin Drone

Steptoe Valley Drone

Spring Valley Wind Farm Drone

Ely Drone

Ely, Majors Station RV

Ely, Comins Lake - Steptoe Valley

Ely, Nevada North Railroad Museum

Ruth, Robinson Mine Drone

Illipah Drone

Near Eureka Historic Footage

Eureka Drone

Bean Flat Rest Area Drone

Petroglyph Hickson Recreation Area Drone

Austin Drone

Austin, Lincoln Motel

Austin, Stoke's Castle

Austin, Jacobsville Park and Ride LH Marker

Austin, Pony Express Trail

 Cold Springs, Pony Express Station Drone

East Gate Drone

Middlegate (Shoe Tree) Drone

Sand Mountain Near Fallon Drone

Fallon, Cye Cox Garage

Fallon, Overland Hotel

West of Fallon Historic Footage

Lahontan State Game Refuge Drone

Carson City

Kings Canyon - Carson City Drone + Historic Footage

Glen Brook Historic Footage 


Lake Tahoe Drone

West of Meyers Historic Footage 

Kyburz Historic Footage 


West of Placerville Historic Footage 

Eldorado Hill Drone

Sacramento Drone + Historic Footage 

East of Stockton Historic Footage 

Altamont Pass Drone

Altamont Hills Historic Footage 

Duarte Garage, Livermore

Summit Garage, Livermore

Berkeley Drone

Oakland Historic Footage

San Francisco - Waterfront Historic Footage

San Francisco - City Center Historic Footage

San Francisco - Lincoln Park Historic Footage

Wooden Valley Drone

The image is a scenic aerial view of Lake Tahoe. Lake Tahoe is known for its clear blue waters and is a popular destination for various outdoor activities including boating, which is evident from the boats visible in the water. In the image, the lake is bordered by a dense coniferous forest, indicative of the Sierra Nevada region where Lake Tahoe is located. The shoreline is dotted with various boats anchored near the shore. To the right side of the image, there's a road that runs parallel to the shoreline, with vehicles visible, suggesting that this area is accessible and possibly a popular spot for visitors to the lake. The sky is clear with few clouds, indicating good weather conditions at the time the photo was taken. The terrain, the clearness of the water, and the presence of boats suggest that this could be a summer or late spring day, which are peak seasons for visiting Lake Tahoe.

Lake Tahoe straddles the border between California and Nevada and is known for its stunning natural beauty, recreational activities, and as a tourist destination throughout the year, with winter sports being popular during the snowy season. The 1919 military convoy passed by Lake Tahoe on September 1, 1919. From the convoy's logbook, it reads: "Scenery throughout day of greatest beauty, especially at Lake Tahoe."