After Ike Wins Lincoln Highway Award

ELKHART, Ind. - "After Ike," a documentary based on Michael Owen’s book about the post-World War I military expedition with Ike Eisenhower and its later profound impact on the United States, was shown during a private screening at this year's Lincoln Highway Association Conference in Elkhart, scheduled for June 23-28, 2024.

After Ike wins prestigious award from the Lincoln Highway Association. Left Dr. Gregory Maassen (Director and Producer) and right Ambassador Michael Owen (Director and Writer). The award was presented by Ms. Kay Kozak, President of the Lincoln Higway Association.

"After Ike" was honored to receive the prestigious "Exemplary Friend of the Lincoln Highway Association" award, recognizing Ambassador Owen's book and documentary. As Owen stated, "This award acknowledges a story that deserves to be told—a journey that profoundly changed America."


I wouldn’t change a thing about this film. It’s excellent. I loved every bit of it. Now make sure the rest of America gets to see it.

Feedback After Ike Viewer

Joyce Ausberger (who is starred in the After Ike documentary) and Ambassador Michael Owen at the award ceremony of the Lincoln Highway Association.

The Lincoln Highway Association is dedicated to preserving the history of the interstate system promoted by Carl Fisher, founder of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The Lincoln Highway stretches from New York City to San Francisco.

After Ike was shown to over 120 historians and Lincoln Highway enthusiasts to seek feedback on the film's narrative.

Jeff Blair, president of the Indiana Lincoln Highway Association, emphasized the organization's role in preservation, history, and tourism. "Hotel Elkhart is on the original Lincoln Highway route, and we volunteered two or three years ago to host the meeting" he said.

Channel 15 (CBS Affilate) News Clip About After Ike

After Ike was shown to seek feedback from Lincoln Highway enthusiasts and leading historians at the conference: "We are at the beginning of the film festival circuit, and I will be in Austria next month for our first international screening," Maassen said.  

"The goal is to promote the film for public viewing on PBS in 2025, highlighting Ike Eisenhower's convoy and its significant impact on the United States."

Marcia Olen and Mark Thomas of the FWD Seagrave Museum and Foundation were present at the private screening of After Ike. Both have participated in the making of the documentary.

The feedback for "After Ike" from the audience was overwhelmingly positive. One participant remarked, "I wouldn’t change a thing about this film. It’s excellent. I loved every bit of it. Now, make sure the rest of America gets to see it."


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