Contributors to After Ike

The journey to produce "After Ike" has been one paved with meticulous research, dedication, and a profound respect for history. We delved deep into the annals of time, exploring archives, diaries, and long-forgotten records to bring to life the momentous 1919 Transcontinental Military Convoy.

This was not a journey undertaken alone. To ensure the authenticity and accuracy of our narrative, we consulted Lincoln Highway experts and archivists. Their insights and expertise were instrumental in shaping this documentary, allowing us to paint a vivid and accurate portrait of this pivotal moment in American history. 

The following experts contribute to our documentary on camera, providing their insights and knowledge about this significant event.

Brian Butko

Since the 1980s, Mr. Brian Butko has delved into the realm of popular history, exploring topics such as diners, roadside attractions, the legacy of Isaly's dairy with its iconic Klondike bar, the Lincoln Highway, and the renowned Kennywood Park.

Brian Butko, Lincoln Highway Association

Brian was recognized by the Pittsburgh City Paper as the Best Local Writer between 2017 and 2019.  Additionally, he holds the position of editor at the Western Pennsylvania History magazine and is the designer for the Society for Commercial Archeology Journal. He is currently Director of Public Relations of the Heinz Center in Pittsburgh.

Jim Cassler

Jim is the East Ohio Chapter President of the Ohio Lincoln Highway Association and owner of the Lincoln Highway Trading Post.

Jim Cassler, Lincoln Highway Association

He has been instrumental in keeping the legacy of the Lincoln Highway alive. He is known for his unwavering commitment and dedication to educating the public about the historical and cultural significance of this iconic route.

Joyce and Bob Ausberger

The Ausbergers have been involved with the Lincoln Highway Association for over three decades, journeying and exploring the historic path in depth. They are the owners of the Lincoln Highway Museum in Grand Junction, Iowa.

Joyce and Bob Ausberger - Grand Junction, Iowa

Long-standing members and supporters of the Lincoln Highway Association, the Ausbergers have given numerous lectures including "Traveling the Lincoln Highway" historical societies.

Ed Avila

Ed Avila is not just a name associated with the Wheat Growers Hotel; he's an embodiment of its legacy. A fervent devotee of the landmark hotel in Kimball, Avila's journey with this treasure trove of local history spans decades.

Ed Avila - Wheat Growers Hotel - Kimball - Nebraska

The hotel, rich in architectural beauty and stories from the past, has seen guests like Presidents Dwight Eisenhower and William Howard Taft. 

Cindy Ryan

Cindy is more than just the director of the Lincoln Highway Center in Shelton, Nebraska; she's a bridge to a bygone era. Under her watchful eye, the center becomes a time capsule, capturing the rich history of the Lincoln Highway. 

Cindy Ryan - Lincoln Highway Center - Shelton - Nebraska

With an array of original highway markers, postcards, and vintage memorabilia, Ryan's dedication ensures that visitors get a genuine feel of the highway's storied past.

Michael Owen

A former US Ambassador, he dedicated three decades of his life to serving as a Foreign Service Officer, with assignments spanning various nations in Africa and Asia.

Ambassador Michael Owen - Author and Director After Ike

Now settled in his homeland, he relishes the joys of exploring the US, having journeyed across the Lincoln Highway multiple times in the footsteps of Ike Eisenhower. While he has penned several short stories that found homes in literary magazines, "After Ike" marks his debut in the world of full-length novels and documentary filmmaking.

Firestone Film – 1919
The Outlaw – 1943 American Western
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Report on Trans-Continental Trip – Lieutenant Colonel D.D. Eisenhower – Report on Trans-Continental Trip – November 3, 1919
Unveiling and Dedication of the Zero Milestone Monument – 1923