Firestone Film – 1919

EL-MP16-235 1919 TRANSCONTINENTAL MOTOR CONVOY Firestone, Akron, Ohio.

One reel 175' 6:10 minutes silent B&W Report of the transcontinental military convoy in which Eisenhower took part.

One brief shot of Eisenhower. Includes footage of military vehicles, troops attending mess, stopover at Firestone Homestead, Akron, Ohio.

When the Cross-Country Motor Transport Train embarked on its journey, one of its notable stops was at Harbel Manor, the residence of tire magnate Harvey S. Firestone.

Nearly two decades before this event, Firestone had etched his name in the annals of transportation by establishing the Firestone and Rubber Company, which rapidly became a pioneering force in the automotive tire industry worldwide.

Given Firestone's immense contribution to transportation, it's no shock that he was an ardent supporter of the convoy and its ambitious trek. He was present at the convoy's kickoff from the Zero Milestone in Washington, D.C. on July 7. When the convoy reached his residence, Firestone made every effort to impress.

Jackson, in his journal, noted, "Here a fine dinner was served to over 400 guests in a large assembly tent."


The pneumatic tires on Harvey’s trucks wore far better than the solid rubber tires on the convoy’s military vehicles-and the rest is history.

Lieutenant Colonel Charles W. McClure, the convoy's leader, shared his insights. As reported by the Akron Evening Times, McClure emphasized the convoy's goals: to showcase the potential of motorized army transportation, to evaluate the Lincoln Highway's utility, and to promote interest in motor transport and military enlistment.


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