HISTORY – International Film Festival Austria

After Ike had the distinct pleasure of attending the second edition of the HISTORY – International Film Festival Austria at the famous MAMUZ Castle in Asparn/Zaya, Austria.

The image depicts the MAMUZ Castle in Asparn an der Zaya, Austria, the host location for the HISTORY International Film Festival. The castle features a striking historical architecture with two prominent square towers flanking a central building. The facade of the castle is adorned with numerous windows that allow ample natural light into the interior. The entrance is framed by statues, adding a touch of grandeur to the historical structure. The bright, sunny day with blue skies and scattered clouds enhances the castle’s picturesque and inviting ambiance, making it an ideal venue for a film festival dedicated to historical narratives.

This festival, a unique blend of online and live screenings, exceeded all our expectations and provided an unparalleled platform for collaboration and networking among independent filmmakers with a historical focus. When we arrived, it was clear that this festival was more than just a series of film screenings. It was a vibrant celebration of the power of cinema to delve into the past and illuminate our understanding of the present. 

Gregory Maassen, Producer of After Ike, with Roman Schett, co-founder of the HISTORY – International Film Festival in Austria.

The live screening event at the MAMUZ Castle in Asparn/Zaya, Austria was a highlight, providing a stunning backdrop that complemented the historical themes of the films. The atmosphere was electric, with filmmakers, historians, and cinema enthusiasts engaging in dynamic discussions highlighting the festival’s commitment to meaningful dialogue.

Gregory Maassen (left) with award-winning Director and Producer Oswin Vogel with his wife Birgit and friend Larisa at the HISTORY – International Film Festival Austria.

Collaboration was at the heart of this festival. The interactive sessions between the audience and the festival organizers were particularly inspiring. These sessions fostered a sense of community and facilitated valuable exchanges of ideas and insights. As independent filmmakers, we found these interactions to be incredibly enriching.


Overall, After Ike's participation in the HISTORY – International Film Festival Austria was a resounding success and worth the expense of traveling from the United States. It provided a rare and invaluable opportunity for independent filmmakers to connect, collaborate, and celebrate the rich tapestry of our history through cinema.

The HISTORY – International Film Festival Austria is a week-long celebration dedicated to historical films across various time periods. It offers online screenings, interviews, and a significant in-person event at an open-air museum. 

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